Bakeology is an app that allows you to find personalized recipes, launch recipe steps, and send ingredients to a shopping cart when you're running low or don’t have the ingredients. This app allows the user to embrace more than one recipe without having to go back and forth to the grocery store.


Design Research, UX/UI


Challenges faced during this project were projected around the idea of convenience. Using research the biggest problem was wanting to try multiple recipes, but having to find all the ingredients and making large categorized lists were really inconvenient. Bakeology solved this problem by creating an app that sends all of it to a shopping cart.

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Cooking is something I've always loved. Understanding potential users as myself helped me gain knowledge of what users are looking for and the potential problems we can solve.

User Research

Using survey data and research strategies I was able to determine the potential of this digital product and the impact it would create on users who love cooking and trying new recipes.


Information Architecture

Understanding how the information is organized will create a user friendly navigation throughout the entire digital product. 

Recipe Personalization

Bakeology allows it's users to answer a few questions to generate recipes based on the users needs.

Recipe Finder

Bakeology allows the user to search and filter recipes based on recipe taste, culture, or likes.

Shopping Cart

Having a shopping cart feature allows the user to find all ingredients when shopping, all in one place.

3rd Party Shopping

Most people don't have time to shop for all the ingredients. Bakeology allows it's users to send their carts to 3rd party curbside shops.


Wireframing + Iterations

Using low fidelity wireframing I was able to conduct further research on the flow and navigation of the digital product on a screen to screen basis. This also identified the flaws in the first iteration of the product. 

Recipe Questionnaire

Targeting user-centrism in this digital product we created a recipe questionnaire to accommodate your food choices. 


Finding recipes and being able to filter them is a key feature of the bakeology app. Allowing you to find recipes, read in detail about them,and receive nutritional facts.

Shopping Cart

One of the targeted issues was being able to find all the ingredients to all the recipes the user was wanting to try. This was solved this by implementing a shopping cart system.

3rd Party Shopping

Most of the users responded from the survey they don't like to go to the grocery store to pick up all the items. Creating an effective way to handle this issue by using 3rd party grocery delivery services was the best solution.