Yonder is a traveling app that allows you to explore the cities you travel in. These experiences include AR walking tours, restaurant navigation, and sight seeing. This app will allow you to explore freely and get to learn the history and places of the city without having to pay a tour guide or get confused in a new city you’re visiting.

Process Work


Branding, Design Research, UX/UI


Creating a digital product that allows people to travel with the option of having an AR experience or experience a 2D navigation Tour.

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Diving deep into understanding how to make travel an unforgettable experience is important when designing a AR traveling app. Reminding yourself that every experience is unique in it's own way.

Visual Identity

Finding identity between travel and the app name yonder inspired this logo by representing the letter Y making valleys. The color palette was inspired by the idea of traveling by using earthy natural tones.

User Research

Using research strategies I was able to understand the feasibility of the the app and the possibilities it has for the user. Conducting user personas, empathy maps, and more helped me get to the root of the challenge and find a solution.



Creating a simple and clear user flow was important considering our user was to be in a new city and won't have the time to mess with a complex digital platform.

Design System

Finding a connection between identity and the design system of the app was a solution to our UI challenge. Engaging the user with large visuals and well represented colors was the best option.

AR Navigation

The Yonder app will allow you to use your camera for AR navigation to experience your trips in real time and real life.

AR Landmarks

An AR feature is embedded that allows you to get onscreen historic facts about landmarks and hotspots in the area.

Watch Compatibility

Allowing users to choose between AR and 2D navigations was important. Yonder will send navigation to watch when opting out of AR.

Location Recognition

Yonder app uses your location to find the best AR experiences around you.



Simple and subtle microinteractions engages the user and creates a simple, but interesting user interface.

AR Navigation

AR Navigation allows the user to experience the tour in real time. This guides the user easily by using camera functionalities to allow users to tour new cities.

Watch Compaibility

One of the challenges was creating an interface that allows the user to choose their tour methods such as AR or 2D maps.