Little Tokyo Historic District is a historic Japanese commercial district in downtown Los Angeles, California. Japanese immigrants settled the district in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Before World War II, Little Tokyo was the largest Japanese community in the United States. Today, the Little Tokyo Historic District represents the original commercial heart of the community.

Process Work

Little Tokyo

Branding,Design Research, UX/UI


With Little Tokyo being in the heart of Los Angeles and many tourists stopping through, it can get confusing what places Little Tokyo has. This includes store directions, restaurants, and historic landmarks.

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I discovered Little Tokyo went I took a trip to Los Angeles, CA. Little Tokyo was small but mighty. There were so many Japanese shops, diners, and historic landmarks. Almost all of the culture was Japanese, but inspired by americanism.

Visual Identity

The visual identity was created based off the idea of combining a Japanese shrine with a modern American typeface. The colors represent the bright and adventurous colors that are well represented in the Japanese culture.

User Research

Using research strategies I was able to identify what key features were needed to help the users discover Little Tokyo. 

Design Solution

The design solution was based off research and an information station for tourist to stop and interact with the kiosk. The style of this kiosk resembles Japanese shrines.



Using Figma I rendered low fidelity wireframes to create a sense of flow. This helped me understand how the app would flow and create a user friendly experience.

Design System

Using unique style and a light and modern type that paired with the lockup identity, I created this design system to create a balance of elements throughout the digital product.

Finding Restaurants

The kiosk will allow you to find restaurants all throughout little Tokyo and give you directions to all the locations.

Mapping Little Tokyo

This kiosk will allow you to use an interactive map that will map out different restaurants, shops, and tourist hotspots.

Finding Shops

This information has full access to shops in Little Tokyo including hours of operation, direction, and types of clothing they sell.

Tourism Hotspots

Tourism is a feature of this kiosk. It will be functional in giving directions to touristic hotspots.


Finding Shops

Little Tokyo is famous for its Japanese style shops and shopping centers. The "find a shop" feature allows the users to find shopping near them.

Interactive Map

This interactive map allows for the user to see points of interest around them and allows them to drag around the map to see places to eat, where they are located and the hours.

Tourism Hotspots

Tourism is always invited and encouraged in Little Tokyo. Finding tourist hotspots can be challenging in a new area. This feature allows the user to find these areas and get a brief description of them.