Yonder is an traveling app that allows you to explore the cities you travel in. These experiences include AR walking tours, restaurant navigation, and sight seeing. This app will allow you to explore freely and get to learn the history and places of the city without having to pay a tour guide or get confused in a new city you’re visiting.


Branding, Design Research, UX/UI


Creating a digital product that allows people to travel with the option of having an AR experience or experience a 2D navigation Tour.

Color Palette

The color palette was inspired by the idea of travel. Researching images of travel and mapping out color trends executed this process.


The mark was created by using a morphological approach and combining valleys and trenches with the letter Y.


Yonder's identity is wanted to be bold and confident. Rift is a typeface that visualizes the confidence aspect.

Visual Identity


Empathy Map

The empathy map shows the users benefits and negative impacts when using the Yonder app.

User Persona

Creating user personas were built for research to target the audience needs, behaviors, and wants.

Feature Prioritization Map

A feature prioritization map was created to map out the digital products interactive features and possibilities.

Understanding the user

User Persona, Empathy Map, Feature Mapping


Simple and subtle microinteractions engages the user and creates a simple, but interesting user interface.

AR Navigation

AR Navigation allows the user to experience the tour in real time. This guides the user easily by using camera functionalities to allow users to tour new cities.

Watch Compaibility

One of the challenges was creating an interface that allows the user to choose their tour methods such as AR or 2D maps.

Final Output